Accompanied by Silence

A Musical Meditation on the Theme of Love by Anna Meyer

Exploring the theme of love in music, flutist Anna Meyer seeks to bring alive the varied facets of this emotion through solo flute music. Presented as a meditative concert, the solo flute pieces were accompanied by simple, abstract watercolor paintings to give the listener a place to start his/her meditation. Where words fail us, often silence is our dearest friend; when the silence becomes unbearable,there is music. This concert was performed in Philadelphia, PA; Cleveland, OH; Erie, PA; and Glenside, PA. The Philadelphia concert featured two world premier performances.



Reviews by Concertgoers

Thank you Anna - what a treat! Such virtuosity! The program was beautifully conceived and it was wonderful to have it in conjunction with Wellspring with artto contemplate with the music. Kudos to Erik for his creativity, too. I think he and you got it right with the various aspects of love.

Dear Anna - Thank you so much for your hard work in bringing together this afternoon's performance. The silence provided just the space I need to reflect on a bunch of things and the music helped me get to the place of stillness. I continue to be impacted by the horror of Newtown and I was so moved by that piece in particular. I began to cry as Erik extinguished the candles one by one, but I let the repetition of the music soothe my spirit. Thanks be to God for you and your passion and your many, many gifts. It was a blessing to be in your presence this afternoon.

Anna, in addition to the things I raved about right after the recital/meditation, I want to mention I admired the tonal textures and dynamic ranges, including notes that became seamlessly silent, or conversely seemed to come out of nowhere. Also, I found myself watching you instead of focusing on the art because your facial expression and body language seemed to me an essentially integral part of the music. However, I did try to keep the images before my mind's eye, and made a point of so fixing them before each piece.